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Global Reach

Yamada Consulting Group gone global

In addition to having a direct presence in Asia , Middle East and the USA, we provide services globally, including Europe and the USA, in cooperation with our partners outside Japan.

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YAMADA Consulting &SPIRE

Yamada Consulting Group launches a regional headquarters in Singapore to serve the Asian market (excluding China) through the integration of its subsidiary, Spire.
The company offers a wide range of services, from strategy development on the basis of primary information to support in the search for M&A partners and in the execution of transactions.

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WEB site
YAMADA Consulting Group / Clairfield

Yamada Consulting Group is a partner of Clairfield International, a partnership of leading corporate finance/M&A firms in Europe and around the world. We can together provide a seamless advisory offering to our clients globally, particularly in crossborder M&A transactions, as well as great access to local corporate businesses and investors through on-the-ground teams.

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