Eight Advantages of Yamada Consulting Group

With “wholesome values”, “social contribution” and “individual and organizational growth” as our core,
shoulder-to-shoulder with clients and their executives,
we are a single source for seamless solutions to all business and management issues.

  • Comprehensive Capability

    Comprehensive capability allows us to meet corporate and organizational challenges as a single source for seamless solutions and to serve clients in any phase of their business life cycle including startup, sustainable growth and restructuring. Specifically, we support clients facing various corporate challenges, comprising issues with organization, human resources, education, corporate governance, IT and real estate. We also help them with their business succession issues considering both business owners/management and the ongoing business perspectives. For all the above we take a big picture approach. In addition, we explore M&A and capital partnership as potential solutions even including pre- and post-supports of any such deal to ensure complete, lasting client satisfaction.

  • Onsite Capability

    Believing that all keys to management are found in the workplace, we pay considerable attention to the management-workplace relationship.

  • Industry-Specific Expertise

    Our industry-specific expertise starts with our network of experienced professionals from the retail, healthcare, and manufacturing (including automotive and semiconductors) industries, conducting required industry analysis. The resulting accumulated expertise drives expansion into industries where we provide the greatest advantage.

  • International Operations
    Managed from Japan

    Global operational issues for Japanese companies are not simply related to local or regional matters. Such issues must be handled through unified efforts involving Japan (head office) and the overseas entity (e.g. local company, branch). Our consultants utilize a trustworthy international network of ten offices of ours to achieve successful solutions based on the view of the head office in Japan and an accurate understanding of the situation at the international office or branch outside Japan.

  • Experts

    We are a group of experts who tirelessly accumulate knowledge in each of their own specialized fields and diligently continue studying to remain fluent in the latest information about industry trends, legal and institutional amendments, and more.

  • Human Capital

    We strive to expand our employees’ potential beyond their specializations. In addition to training courses in specialized fields, we invite visiting lecturers to teach elective internal training courses and seminars on various topics employees should learn as business professionals.

  • Compliance

    We refer to our compliance regulations as the Code of Morals and Conduct. We regard the regulations as guidance for our daily practice, together with our Standards for Morals and Conduct, to ensure they are well engrained in all our group members.

  • Organizational Synergy

    Yamada Consulting Group started as a division of Junichiro Yamada Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Tax Accountant Office. As Yamada & Partners has the same origin and is a partner of YCG, both companies share the “wholesome values” as their corporate philosophy and work diligently to grow as corporations with the spirit of the values.