Sustainable Growth Consulting

For our clients’ sustainable growth, we serve as a single source to support the entire spectrum of management issues ranging from developing management strategy to operational process improvement.


  • Business/Management Strategy Development

  • Executive Management Structure Design & Implementation

  • Selective Issue Resolution

  • Industry-specific Consulting

    (e.g., Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Hospitality, Education, Public Sector)

  • Consulting by Business Sector

    (e.g., Distribution, Business Development, Financial Advisory Services, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance)

Yamada Consulting Group’s Advantages

  • Single Source Solution for Growth Strategies
  • Solutions through Teamwork of Experts
  • Support through Hands-On Approach
  • Single Source Solution for Growth Strategies

    Support for Sustainable Growth

    When a company seeks to achieve sustainable growth, it must swiftly adapt to a transforming business environment. Continuous engagement is essential in securing stable earnings from existing businesses and promoting growth through smooth launch of new ventures. In some cases, a company needs to rebuild organizational structure, by revisiting the current structure or handing over the business to the next generation, under pressure from the necessity of rapid business expansion along with aging employees and personnel shortages. As a single and complete resource of diverse solutions to such issues, we focus on achieving clients’ sustainable growth.

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  • Solutions through Teamwork of Experts

    A Single and Complete Resource to Deliver Solutions to Diverse Management Challenges

    A company pursuing sustainable growth needs to consider wide-ranging factors. Yamada Consulting Group is proud of its extensive lineup of experienced professionals, each possessing specialty which enables far-reaching issues handling. We stand ready to address any issues seamlessly by assembling the right team of consultants and serve clients as a trusted partner for their sustainable growth.

    Achieving Sustainable Growth image Financing and Capital Policies Asset Management Efficiency Restructuring Management System Organizational Planning and Personnel Hiring/Development Operations Group Strategy
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    Corporate Strategy
    We believe it is important for a company to develop and deliver a company-wide strategy by well aligning a clear management vision with strategies for each business line. Rapidly changing managerial environment, particularly, urges its management to accurately and insightfully analyze the business portfolio and swiftly make decisions. We work with clients to draw up scenarios for solutions to all kinds of issues, to create better, faster decision-making for their sustainable growth. We are confident to offer consistent and thorough support from planning to execution for strategic alliance formulation, M&A activities and global expansion.
    Business Strategy
    A company needs to skillfully develop a business strategy to accomplish certain objectives including the following:
    - Continuous value offering through better products, by keeping identifying existing and potential customer demand,
    - Sustainable revenue generation by adapting the business model to managerial environment changes, and
    - Business performance improvement by persistently seeking new market opportunities.
    The keys to accomplishing such objectives lie in the company’s ability to develop and carry through resilient business strategies based on relevant and objective analysis of its business and the market. That is precisely what we are most good at with extensive lineup of experienced professionals. We stand ready to help clients develop, execute business strategy, and launch new businesses.
    When a company seeks to achieve sustainable growth, it must not oversee any issues in its management benchmark including a visible one and a potential one. In resolving any issue, one of the most important factors is to improve operations. A solution to cause operational optimization does not exist on the extended line of the solution which worked in the past. It is necessary for the company to have an overarching and deep insight into its own organizational and industry trends to reach a solution. As a single source to serve clients in need of the above, we provide crucial supports including identifying issues with a multi-faceted approach, developing solutions putting importance on effectiveness and guiding the execution.
  • Support through Hands-On Approach

    To Deliver Highly Effective Solutions Driven by Hands-On Approach

    We focus on obtaining hands-on understanding of clients’ experiences, human resources and potential capabilities through discussions. Based on such understanding, we thoroughly examine how we can fully leverage Yamada Consulting Group’s experience and expertise to develop and execute solutions to each issue in the most effective manner.

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