Real Estate Consulting

We offer services as a single source, ranging from research and analysis of clients’ assets, and leasing and managing real property, to asset utilization. We also act as an agent for buying and selling of property as needed.


  • Real estate brokerage

  • Effective use of real estate

  • Inheritance tax measures and execution

  • Asset analysis

  • Property leasing and management

  • Support for payment of inheritance tax in kind

  • Real estate advisory

  • Negotiations and maintenance for limited proprietary right of land in place of an owner

Yamada Consulting Group’s Advantages

  • Neutral and fair
  • Seamless solutions with
    wide range of expertise
  • Asset value enhancement
    led by added-value property management
  • Neutral and fair consultation

    Unlike competitors, we do not own real estate property to market for profit,
    enabling us to act purely as a consultant from the clients’ perspective

    In general, a real estate company has certain priority fields or merchandises that are regarded as specialty, e.g. construction, sell-off, sale in lots, and sub-leasing. As a result, it tends to lead customers to the direction it is good at most for its own sake putting customer’s interest aside.
    What we focus on is to offer practical advice that would benefit the client directly, which eventually enables us to provide solutions in best interest of the client.

    Fair proposals driven by multi-faceted perspectives

    Offering a specific proposal to individual clients requires a full consideration from a broad perspective. Land utilization alone raises a dozen questions to be answered, e.g., “Is it worthwhile constructing a building or not?”, if yes, “Which architectural method would be the best with what type of an engineering system?” “How to locate potential targets (tenants)?” “What happens to the assets ten (twenty) years later?”.
    After a thorough examination, we may conclude that the best option for the client is to leave the property alone for the moment, then, we give our candid opinion to the client. Such objective solution based on unbiased and fair proposal is one of the strong reasons why Yamada is chosen from clients.

    Thorough assessment with multi-faceted perspective
  • Seamless solutions with wide range of expertise

    Expertise developed through extensive consulting experience across a wide spectrum of industries

    Offering tailored services to fulfill client needs requires a flexible proposition and execution capability. We have engaged in a number of inheritance cases that competitors are not capable of handling. Such extensive experiences become one of our biggest advantages. Working alongside with clients, our consistent effort made for clients’ best interests is the principle behind a wide range of highly specialized propositions.

    One-stop source for tax and legal matter

    In real estate transaction, tax matters can never be overlooked. No matter how well a consulting proposal may seem to be, it is worthless unless tax effects are incorporated. Furthermore, it involves various legal rights including right of property, leasehold interest, house leasehold, and right of way, thus the consultant needs to be updated with the client’s legal status.
    In general, a real estate owner needs to spend quite some time finding an expert in tax and legal affairs separately by himself. In case any issues arise from relevant tax or law matters after the real estate proposal is submitted by a consultant, another proposal needs to be made from scratch, leading to losing substantial amount of time.
    Yamada Consulting Group brings tax accountants, lawyers, and consultants altogether to meet complex demands of clients at an initial stage of consultation. We provide quality proposal without sacrificing time and effort of clients.

    A single source for consulting
  • Asset value enhancement from management tactics of high value

    We are not satisfied with being a mere asset steward to clients

    Typical property leasing companies are often content to just perform property management task retaining a passive attitude. Even if there is an occupancy rate issue that needs to be addressed, most common advice leasing companies come up with is either reducing the rent or renovation, and no more than that. If not a breach of contract, we can raise a question if that meets the client’s expectation.
    Not to mention standard property management services, we constantly seek how to increase the market value of clients’ property and sometimes make proposals to that end, while delivering updated market information and trends.

    Our consultants are always at your elbow

    As a property management consultant, we have occasions to meet clients quite often. It is not an overstatement to say that we play a significant role in understanding and emphasizing what clients’ concern and desires are. To fulfill the role, we serve clients with sincerity as well as keep them updated with beneficial information.
    Our property management staff strive to acquire knowledge in every minute of a day and spare no effort to become someone who deserves to be the closest consultant around.