Education and Training

We provide various seminar programs focusing on Financial Planners (FP) related education and clients’ human resource development. Network of highly specialized instructors allows us to support clients to develop human resources with experiential learning sessions where attendees can get insights.

Training Solutions

  • FP Related Education

  • Management Skills Training Seminars

  • Sales Skills Training Seminars

  • Business Skills Training Seminars

  • Life Planning Training Seminars

  • Seminars for Introduction/Continuation of Defined Contribution Pension Plan

Yamada Consulting Group’s Advantages

  • Focusing on
    Human Development
  • Just Pursuing Practical
    FP Skills
  • Network for Collaboration and Visual Materials
  • Focusing on Human Development

    Convincing Programs

    Yamada Consulting Group is proud that our corporate training programs are very attractive as they are applicable to actual business settings. We visualize and convert successful experience into manuals which are applicable to daily situations. Just sharing someone else’s successful experience can easily make participants to think that “that’s nice, but it could never work for our case”. Our program is overwhelmingly convincing, as our instructors are well talented enough to grasp the participants’ needs on the spot and effectively communicate the required information as a skillset.

    Outstanding Instructors

    We are also proud of the quality of our instructors. All of them are business professionals who are active on the front lines as executives, managers, and top salespersons. We conduct interactive training where such instructors maintain their position as a sympathetic supporter of the attendees.
    One of our advantages is in the systematization of skill methods cultivated by top sales representatives and brilliant business people. It is specifically designed for all sales and business people.

    Giving Deep Insight

    Repetition and review, as well as roleplay, of each of learning item are also attractive characteristics of Yamada Consulting Group's program. Training which only offers knowledge and depends on the individual instructors’ skills does not result in successful application in actual business settings. It is crucial to have a systematic approach and thoroughly alleviate anxiety and doubt participants may have, for applying the learned skills into actual situations. We are confident that our workshops and training improve the work quality of your employees, making a significant difference before and after the session.

    Fine-tuned Programs

    Yamada Consulting Group's education and training is not a one-size-fits-all package program that provides the same product to every client. We offer training which is specially customized to meet the needs of clients and their unique goals.
    For example, if a client wants a sales skills training, we will conduct a comprehensive pre-training interview of all students to understand what products and services they handle, which kind of sales approach they take and what their challenges are. Based on such information, we customize a program to each client’s needs.

  • Just Pursuing Practical FP Skills

    As a Financial Planner education expert,
    we have the best track record in the industry

    Yamada Consulting Group is an educational institution accredited by the Japan Association for Financial Planners, a non-profit organization which certifies Financial Planners.
    Founded in 1989, immediately after the founding of the Japan Association for Financial Planners, we have contributed to promotion of FP certifications as one of the pioneers of FP educational institutions.
    The fact which we have a good reputation and confidence as an FP educational institution attracted many students. We also receive many referrals from our former students. To date, we have produced more than 130,000 graduates.

    We offer a wide variety of original materials as well as know-how accumulated through 30 years of our experience

    Our materials are highly effective, focusing on the principles of keeping things simple enough so that even beginners can read and understand, and be practically applicable to actual life and work settings. The important points that Financial Planners should know are summarized in a way that is easy to learn, with many short readings and case studies. It is also important to note that we revise the material every year based on question trends of certification examinations and new regulations. We are happy to hear comments from graduates; one of our graduates says, “I constantly refer to the material even after obtaining the certification.”

    Excellent instructors who are well-versed in each specialized area are one of our advantages

    Because Yamada Consulting Group's instructors are the top practitioners in each field, they can deliver practical training based on their experience. All of our FP instructors actively work as Financial Planners themselves. They break down technical terminologies into plain language in class so that students can understand the materials better.
    Our instructors who are specialists well-versed in both practical work and examinations will provide knowledge both for examination and day-to-day situations including business settings.

  • Network for Collaboration and Visual Materials

    We annually host thousands of seminars and share our management know-how of seminars with our affiliated firms nationwide

    Our close communication with instructors allows us to perform timely instructor selection and scheduling. In addition, we have established a firm, systematic operational structure and checking function to handle numerous seminars smoothly.

    Yamada Consulting Group has established a nationwide network of FP instructors which is comprised of highly experienced professionals

    We set preconditions for the registration with the network where instructors must pass written and oral examinations. We continually maintain the instructors’ quality by checking skills through observing their demonstration seminars and holding training sessions regularly. We never stop pursuing improvement in our service quality.

    We pursue clarity and intelligibility of our education by providing supplemental visual materials

    In addition to lecture videos that provide a live experience, we, to effectively illustrate a concept or logic, also provide custom-built contents such as video materials containing slide images with professional audio narratives or story video materials using cartoon characters.