IT Consulting

Our IT professionals ensure exhaustive assistance from the very beginning of strategy building throughout the digital transformation continuum: designing, action planning, implementation, ingraining the operation, and after-sales service in the conduct of IT solution advisory process.


  • IT Sophistication

  • Digital Strategy and Capitalization

  • IT System Design and Installation

  • Business Application
    Cloud Services

Yamada Consulting Group’s Advantages

We offer fully comprehensive services for better use of IT technology: digital strategy building, installation, and ingraining the operation.

Unlike many of our competitors, we deliver strategy building at the start and ingraining the IT operation at the finish. In between these ends, we take stepwise approach of designing, action planning, and implementation towards completion.
Incorporated with the core consulting services such as sustainable growth consulting, business restructuring, M&A and business succession, and organizational human resources, we provide innovative IT solution contributing to the client’s operational betterment.

Services Description
IT Sophistication
  • IT strategy building
  • IT risk management, IT cost saving, IT due diligence
  • IT division reinforcement (IT personnel training, IT organizational reform)
Digital Strategy and Utilization
  • Digital strategy building, digital technology utilization
  • Digital Technology (Big data, AI, IoT, RPA solutions)
  • Planning and creating digital supply chain management (SCM) and establishing system for digital transaction (e.g. EC, EDI)
  • Cyber security measures
IT Design and Installation
  • Operational system building and development
  • System selection approach through RFI/RFP
  • Project management
  • By-industry IT solution (e.g. Microsoft)
Business Application
Cloud Services
  • Going paperless
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Attendance, human resources, and payroll management
  • SCM (EDI)