Business Succession Consulting

Options for business succession planning include one to a family member(s), management member(s) (MBO: management buyout) and third-party(ies) (M&A). We run simulations for all conceivable options to identify any management, finance or legal issues faced by our clients. We cull and provide the best plan from the simulation results and support clients up to the execution.


  • Business Succession Planning & Execution

  • Private Equity Ownership Transfer

  • Public Company Ownership Transfer

  • Real Estate & Company Ownership

  • Group Company Realignment for Next-Generation Management
    (e.g., incorporating a holding company)

  • Post-Succession/New Management System Design

Yamada Consulting Group’s Advantages

  • A Group of Experts to Deliver Solution for Each Challenge
  • Comprehensive Supports to Clients in All Sizes
  • A Group of Experts to Deliver Solution for Each Challenge

    Optimal Planning for All Parties
    Fairly Led by Experienced Consultants

    Business succession planning has mainly three options as defined by types of successors: a family heir(s) through inheritance, a key current member(s) in a management buyout (MBO) and a third-party(ies) (M&A). We model scenarios for each option and define the issues relevant to management, finance, tax and regulations to deliver the best solution supporting clients up to the execution.

    Customized Support to Each Management Challenge
    With Rich Experience in Succession and Capital Policy Development

    Yamada Consulting Group has an extensive list of achievements in capital policy consulting including supports for clients who own a business to pass on, hand over and realign their businesses. By taking a full advantage of such achievements, we customize services to satisfy every and each particular requirement and management issues of our clients.

    Customized Support to Clients in Various Stages image

    Coordinated Support by professionals
    in Accounting, Tax, Legal, and Business Affairs

    Yamada Consulting Group is proud of its wide range of professionals including certified public accountants, tax accountants, lawyers, and judicial scriveners. Such resourcefulness enables us to serve owners and management of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as listed corporations as a single resource of solutions for the entire spectrum of business succession consulting from planning to execution and asset succession.

    Coordinated Support by Professionals in 
Accounting, Tax, Legal, and Business Affairs image
  • Comprehensive Supports to Clients in All Sizes

    Business Succession Planning & Execution

    Business succession planning has mainly three options: succession to the family, a current member(s) (MBO) and a third-party(ies) (M&A). We model simulations for each option to facilitate pros-and-cons analysis in support of development and execution of client’s business succession plan.

    Private Equity Ownership Transfer

    Transfer of ownership shares is essential for a successor to run a business smoothly. We consider the current owner’s opinions, the burden on the successor and the management system of the next generation before proposing the optimal method of company share transfer.

    Public Company Ownership Transfer

    With experts steeped in matters specific to listed corporations including related laws and regulations and how to found and operate asset management companies, we have a plethora of business succession and asset succession accomplishments of listed companies’ owners.

    Real Estate & Company Ownership Inheritance / Succession

    We serve clients focusing the human facet of predecessor / successor dynamic to ensure smooth generational change from the current owner to a successor within the family. During the execution stage, tax planning takes center stage requiring strategic considerations of both inheritance and gift taxes. Another significant item includes how to raise funds for tax payment.

    Group Company Realignment for Next-Generation Management

    While many options are available, including spin-offs, carve-outs, founding holding companies (HD) and realignment of subsidiaries, a “slick-schemed” structure only focusing on clever means, with the original purpose lost from sight, cannot function. We propose effective structures based on an understanding of the management issues faced by the next generation.

    Post-Succession New Management System Design

    In business succession, management succession is as much of an important theme as share transfer. It is essential to decide and appoint the successor and build the post-succession management team that includes the successor. We offer a wide-ranging support including developing various training programs targeting for management candidates and other employees and building human resource evaluation systems.