Message from Senior Management

We dutifully pledge to provide highly valuable information that empowers clients to grow and bring about positive impact on society.

Management Strategy of Yamada Consulting Group

Management Philosophy of Yamada Consulting Group

Identifying “wholesome values”, “social contribution” and “individual and organizational growth” as the core philosophy of Yamada Consulting Group, we are solidly motivated to generate high value information for the sake of clients that leads to client’s progress, and beyond, social evolution, which remains the only reason for us to exist.

Management Strategy of Yamada Consulting Group

We currently enjoy robust demands on M&A, business succession and growth consultancy which are likely to keep momentum and heighten the need for us to focus more on the trend.

What makes our M&A and business succession consulting services different from competitors’ is the capability of three distinctive consultancy portfolio: a family business succession, a management lead buyout (MBO) and succession to a third party (M&A). We offer more than traditional M&A solutions which are categorized by business succession and restructuring. We address far-ranging issues now Japanese businesses are facing, such as industry realignment, M&A as a strategic option, and cross border M&A for Japanese SMEs motivated to tap into international markets in pursuit of growth in the years ahead.

Our business growth consulting can be characterized as an organizational change through rebuilding in-company operation processes, by adding a fresh dimension focusing on “workforce shortage” and “work style reform”, on top of which, we break new ground with an IT consulting service launch to explore new opportunities in the growing information communication technology market.

To help more Japanese firms become involved in international business, we make our utmost efforts to build a solid business foundation that is competitive enough in global market leveraging our overseas subsidiaries and business partners with their distinctive functionality local and global networks.

The real estate consulting is at its transition stage where it develops a new business model characterized as “scenario-oriented recommendation” which enables all-around proposals on real estate assets. In anticipation of growing disparity in real estate value in Japan which may polarize owners into winners and losers, we are in search for how to help clients minimize risk of losses. Inter-organizational cooperation with our management consulting team will reinforce our service offering by digging into client background and assessing potential needs of real estate assets associated with business succession or M&A, revamping a system where larger accounts and bigger deals are more accessible than ever.

New university graduates used to be our recruiting target. Now, we redirect the spotlight to mid-careers and highly capable personnel as well to fortify the capacity of the organization.

In the education/training and FP business, setting our eyes on training package development based on accumulated know-how and expertise, we make it a goal to offer better solutions to the pressing issue any organization has in common, whether it is a financial or non-financial entity, “human development.”

The inheritance consulting is provided by Souzoku Anshin Support Co., Ltd. In the midst of the growing demand, the inheritance team will continue to focus on relationship building with our partner banks in line with new partner search. What is more, alternative services are now under development for clients with potential of inheritance.

As a part of business succession consulting services, we offer business succession financing services. To meet increasing needs, we have formed an investment limited liability partnership (LLP) called Capital Solution Three.

Target Benchmark

We have a belief that individual growth could lead to an organizational growth, thus, we recognize, and we will do, it as a momentous issue.
From a mid-to long-term perspective, our mission is to enhance a corporate value of Yamada Consulting Group with maximizing profit. To this end, we set forth a goal of return on equity (ROE) of twenty percent as a benchmark for capital investment efficiency.
ROE 20% is set based on current simulations of future events and trends as our business goal. These simulations are not guaranteed to be accurate. Numerous factors are involved, and actual business results may vary greatly from projections noted herein.