Management Message

We dutifully pledge to provide highly valuable information that empowers clients to grow and bring about positive impact on society.

Keisaku Masuda

Corporate Information


Corporate Philosophy of Yamada Consulting Group

Identifying “wholesome values”, “social contribution” and “individual and organizational growth” as the core philosophy of Yamada Consulting Group, we are solidly motivated to generate high value information for the sake of clients that leads to client’s progress, and beyond, social evolution, which remains the only reason for us to exist.

We serve to deliver value to clients and stakeholders and thus contribute to bringing about a better society

We believe that our people are the most valuable asset of our business. With this belief, we have committed to creating shared values under our Corporate Philosophy since the company's foundation.

As part of the effort, we have put the spirit of the Corporate Philosophy into guidelines and compiled them into a pair of booklets: The Code of Morals and Conduct (compliance regulations) and The Standards for Morals and Conduct (how our people should behave as human beings and a businesspersons).

The corporate culture fostered in this way should be a significant driving force behind us delivering high-added value to clients. Under the Corporate Philosophy, we commit ourselves to:

・Developing expertise, taking personal initiative, and taking on challenges consistently, for the benefits of clients
・Striving to be modest, honest, faithful, and grateful, and listening to our conscience when in doubt, for delivering higher quality services which requires credibility and trust from clients, business partners, and colleagues
・Continuing support to solve clients' challenges, including ones the clients themselves are unaware of, by putting them at the center and involving the entire company as a team
・ By bringing about satisfaction and thus gaining high recognition from clients, we would like to be their long-lasting partner, staying close to them and constantly supporting their growth and development