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Yamada Consulting Group has a core philosophy, simple and universal enough to endure for generations.

 Yamada Consulting Group has a core philosophy, simple and universal enough to endure for generations

Wholesome Values

As a group of professionals that deserves public trust, we dutifully pledge to abide by wholesome values in answering the call of duty.

With the belief that only organizations of wholesome mind and values have a reason to exist, we will stick to “wholesome values” as the most important tenet of our core philosophy.
It is not easy to clearly define wholesomeness in simple terms. What matters is it must be founded on a complete rejection of evil, sly deception and taking advantage of others for self-interest, and yet acknowledged by public at large with the essence of value reflecting a spirit of integrity from each individual. If we ever abandon “wholesome values” and fall into seeking solely own or organizational interests, we should be disbanded instantly.

Social Contribution

We dutifully pledge to provide highly valuable information that empowers clients to grow and bring about positive impact on society.

Nothing would make us happier than clients’ prosperity. We are fully committed to their success as a group of professionals rendering a service from a client-perspective devoting effort to their betterment.
As such, unsatisfied with pro forma service offering, our members focus on going above client’s expectation by exerting sophisticated knowledge with substantial sense of responsibility that eventually leads to clients’ progress, and beyond, social evolution. We admire clients, as invaluable partners, who never stop to take a higher leap into the future with their audacious eyes wide open.

Individual and Organizational Growth

We aspire to become individuals and an organization that grow together in harmony and dutifully honor such individuals with lofty goals.

Individual and organizational growth complement each other in powerful ways. We honor individuals who set high goals aimed at becoming more mature and adaptable to societal needs and strive to achieve such goals. We honor their individuality and rejoice in their growth. Work is important but not the final goal of our lives, so we consistently aim for harmony between the individual and the organization.
While valuing individuality, an organization must grow along with its members for their individual growth. We recognize it important to grow the organization itself as a momentous objective for us.